Purchase Order Quality Clauses for Suppliers


Supplier and Aerostar agree as follows;
By accepting the Purchase Order, the supplier accepts the following Quality Clauses.

001. CONFORMANCE. The Supplier shall provide product in strict conformance to applicable
specifications as identified on the Aerostar Purchase Order.

002. QUALITY SYSTEM. The Supplier shall, in the performance of this agreement, through the acceptance of a Purchase Order, provide and maintain a quality system that is complaint with ISO 9001, AS 9100 or MIL-Q-9858.

003. PRODUCT INSPECTION: Aerostar shall have the right to inspect and test all material at source or destination before acceptance. Supplier hereby warrants that the material and workmanship of material delivered here under is of the quality specified, is free from all defects, and complies with the drawings, samples or other specifications. If product is found defective, Aerostar has the right to return product for full credit or rework product at the expense of the supplier.

004. CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMANCE. The Supplier shall provide a Certificate of conformance with each shipment against the Purchase Order. The certificate shall include as a minimum, the following information:
004.1 Supplier name and addres.
004.2 Date certification issued.
004.3 Aerostar Purchase Order number.
004.4 Drawing number and revision.
004.5 Signature and title of an authorized quality representative.
004.6 Signature from Quality certifies that: All material used is in accordance with the applicable specifications. All processes prescribed in the drawing or Purchase Order meet the applicable specifications. All required inspections and tests have been succesfully performed.

005. PACKAGING AND SHIPPING:  Supplier shall assure that Aerostar procured product
receives the required cleaning, preservation, and packaging as specified in the
Purchase Order.  When requirements are not, specified, good commercial practices shall
be observed to afford protection and preclude transit damage. Other shipping
instructions are contained in the Purchase Order. Shipment documents shall be
accompanied by the following documentation;

005.1 Certifications,test data, inspection data, test reports, airworthiness approval.
005.2 identification of Purchase Order number, part number, part name, quantity, unit of measure and serial number, if applicable.               

006. CALIBRATION. Calibration service providers shall be certified to ISO 17025.

007 ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS: When requested by Aerostar, the Supplier shall perform a Root Cause Analysis and prepare a report providing, the following information.
007.1 Reject document identification number.
007.2 Description of failed items or components.
007.3 The cause of the failure.
007.4 The corrective action to prevent future rejects.
007.5 Effectivity of the corrective action.
007.6 Purchase order number.

008. APPLICABLE LAW: Supplier shall comply with all local, State, and Federal laws and
regulations affecting the price, production, sale or delivery of the material under this
Purchase Order, or services performed. In accepting this Purchase Order supplier assumes responsibility for testing, process control labeling and other requirements of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and/or other regulatory agencies or laws and is responsible for reporting product hazards in accordance with Section 15 of The Consumer Product Safety Act. Public Law 92-573.

009. AEROSTAR PROPERTY.: All drawings, blueprints, tracings, patterns, samples.
and the like, prepared by Supplier and paid for by Aerostar, or furnished to Supplier by
Aerostar. and the information contained therein, are the property of Aerostar, shall not
be used by Supplier except to execute this Purchase Order, or except as authorized in
writing by Aerostar, and shall be delivered to Aerostar promptly after completion or
termination of this Purchase Order

010 ITAR NOTICE: This document contains technical data as defined in the U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) section 22 C.F.R. 120.10. The technical data may not be exported, disclosed or transferred to any foreign person (including employees, consultants, or agents), corporation or business association, as defined in the ITAR section 22 C.F.R. 120.16, whether in the United States or abroad, without the prior written approval of the U.S. Department of State.

011 RIGHT OF ACCESS: A right to access to all facilities involved in the production of items contained in purchase order is given to Aerostar Engineering.

012 NONCONFORMING PRODUCT: Supplier shall notify Aerostar of changes in product and/or process definition and where required,   Supplier shall notify Aerostar of nonconforming product. Supplier shall flow down to sub-tier suppliers the applicable requirements in the purchasing documents, including key characteristics where required.

013 RECORD RETENTION: The Supplier shall maintain records that provide objective evidence of compliance to the purchase order requirements and specifications. Records shall be maintained for a period of not less than 7 years from completion of said purchase order.